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Employment & Support Allowance Appeals Guide

The aim of this guide is to help you through the appeals process with the independent Tribunal.

The Tribunal is part of the first-tier Tribunal which belongs to the system of courts and Tribunals which decides people's rights. It deals with disputes about social security benefits, including employment and support allowance. An 'appeal' means applying to the Tribunal for an independent ruling whether a decision by a department or council on entitlement to benefit is right or not. There are over 200,000 appeals each year.

This guide explains what an appeal involves. It describes the process step by step.

The Tribunals service is the name of the organization that provides support to the Tribunal. The Tribunals servive staff who look after the administrative side of appeals are called 'clerks to the Tribunal'. They will handle your letters and telephone calls and deal with any queries.

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